The purpose of this website is to encourage others to explore the use of the Reimer open shoe technique (ROST), and provide feedback via contact or Facebook to share at upcoming professional meetings.

Originally created for performance use in flat soled horses, the shoes were subsequently discovered to not only restore chronic hoof distortions (sole prolapse, flattened thin soles, contracted and sheared heels, underrun heels, toe cracks, mismatched hooves) that had been refractory to the efforts of many farriers and podiatrists, but to restore palmar soft tissue volume, including the digital cushion.  More recently it has been discovered that severe chronically Involuted heel bulbs (in which the heel bulbs have been pressed under the hoof and are entrapped by the contracted heel walls) are slowly pulled back and upwards as the palmar soft tissue width slowly increases with ROST shoes.  

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